Lost, hungry and confused in Singapore

Traditional Asian cuisine, fine dining, and good old street food create a harmonious amalgamation of cultural diversity without being expensive

A visit to Singapore calls for a range of mouth-watering eats which over time have developed into a budget-friendly food culture that spans from Indian to Chinese to Malaysian influences. Singapore’s presence in the Asian food scene is a world-renowned example of how a melting pot of different cultural backgrounds can create something so spectacularly successful.

If you want to travel to Singapore and dine on flavoursome, affordable food, you must combine a little luck with great hunting skills to find the best eats around town. To reduce some of the confusion of the wide array of Singapore’s Asian food scene, we’re here to tell you about a fantastic option for Chinese dim sum and Singapore-style noodles – Streats. Inexpensive, authentic and with plenty of tasty options to choose from, Streats brings together the best of Asian food in Singapore under one roof.

Combining traditional Asian fine dining with street food, Streats appeals to the tastes of locals as well as tourists. For a taste of everything – from Singapore noodle dishes to Chinese dim sum and even Indonesian offerings, Streats makes it possible to satisfy all your authentic Singaporean food cravings without having to travel all over the country for it.

Streats is popular not only for multiple Asian food options but also for the overall casual, friendly vibe and the opportunity for you to try Singapore’s favourite eats in the same place. From Fried Kway Teow with Sambal Chili – with wok-tossed flat rice noodles, soy, chilli, garlic, sambal, vegetables and beef or seafood – to the more refined Porridge with Chicken, Prawn and Century Egg (a Chinese delicacy of fermented egg that’s been buried underground for up to 100 days!), Streats spans all budgets and caters to every taste.

If you’ve got no clue where to start on your Singapore food journey, jumpstart your foodie adventures with Streat’s vast menu of options that combine different styles, traditions and countries.